GOING POSTAL: More Than Yes or No

published nationally by Brow Books, 2018 (LINK)

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One year on: How same-sex marriage has changed the lives of the couples who fought for it, SBS

Side-swipe: the challenges of online dating while trans, SBS

A gender traitor: how 'The Handmaid’s Tale' surprised me with fierce queerness, SBS

It’s 2018 and we don’t want your ‘boys will be boys’ defence, SBS

Secret sex bars and beats: joining the Sisters on a queer history tour, SBS

There are few bonds tighter than the one between chronically ill people, SBS

What's in a name? Why Mardi Gras is named Mardi Gras, SBS

The many different dates we've celebrated Australia Day, SBS




Australia's Marriage Equality Battle Is Another Example of Political Incompetence, (Condé Nast)

An ode to the incredible resilience of Australia's LGBTQIA community, SBS

Blue balls, a dead man's hair & the perks of being a loser: a wild convo with Trixie & Katya, SBS

Why Do We Still Care So Much About Pubic Hair?, whimn -

Love, loss, and saying goodbye to my all-time favourite beer: a memoir, SBS -

This Syrian student in Tokyo is translating Japanese manga into Arabic for refugee children, SBS

'RuPaul's Drag Race' LEGO could become a reality,

Why Sesame Street introducing Julia, the first Muppet with autism, really matters, SBS



Why Triple J moving the Hottest 100 could reset the convo about Australia Day, -

The pap smear is being phased out - so what's next for your bits?, -

The reason why so many people refuse to support White Ribbon Day, -

Why joking that Kim Kardashian "deserved" to be assaulted is damn dangerous, -

Karl Stefanovic apologises after making offensive comments about trans people, -

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Queens Have Officially Landed Down Under: interviewing Jinkx Monsoon, -



Adelaide Festival: Eating and Drinking Guide, Broadsheet -

A beginner's guide to single note fragrances, Daily Life -

'Rihanna', Vogue Italia


'Karla Spetic', Catalogue Magazine, summer 2014 - VIEW

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'Rachel Rutt x Wool & The Gang', Catalogue Magazine, winter 2013 - VIEW

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